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Soap Opera Spoilers

A soap opera is a radio or television serial dealing especially with domestic situations and frequently characterized by melodrama, ensemble casts, and sentimentality. The term “soap opera” originated from radio dramas originally being sponsored by soap manufacturers.
At time there are four major soap opera are being broadcast in US. Here on this website you can get all soap opera spoilers.

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History of Soap Operas

The first Soap Operas were broadcast live on the radio, for example, the very first was ‘The Archers’ on BBC Radio 4, which has been running on the radio since January 1st, 1951. These were moved to live TV broadcasts in the 1950s. The first Soap Operas were sponsored by soap companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Procter and Gamble, and Lever Brothers; this is where ‘soap’ originates from, and the term opera is used because of the dramatic content.
Britain didn’t initially take to radio soaps because they were broadcast during the daytime – this meant only housewives were available to listen – meaning the Soap Operas were aimed at and consumed by a predominantly female audience and therefore they did not appeal to a wide enough range of people. Radio soaps declined in the 1950s when TV was introduced in most homes, and this meant that TV soaps became more popular as people could see the action rather than just hear it. The first televised soap opera was ‘The Grove Family’ which was broadcast on April 9th, 1954.
Coronation Street is the longest-running TV soap in the world, but it is predated by a radio soap, The Archers, a rural soap opera broadcast on BBC Radio 4. After the successes of glossier productions such as Dallas in America, soap suddenly became more popular again in the 1980s. This caused the inception of new British soaps such as Brookside and East Enders. Also, the success of Australian soaps like Neighbours and Home and Away caused British soaps to reconsider their target audience and, therefore, their characters. These Australian soaps tended to be aimed at teenage viewers with characters and plots suitable for that age. British producers decided to follow suit, for example, the British soap Hollyoaks is aimed primarily at young people. This change in the target audience proved to be a very shrewd move and, consequently, soaps are now more popular than ever.